Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Case for Staying in the Episcopal Church: A Good Read from Someone Who Went Through it in Pittsburgh

A good read from when Pittsburgh was going through what South Carolina is now

By the Rev. Dr. Jim Simons


The Case For Staying in the Episcopal Church

The purpose of the paper is to reflect on the current plan for realignment from the perspective of those who wish to remain in the Episcopal Church. This is authored by one person but has been reviewed by many who will not realign who have offered helpful suggestions.
While there are many varied reasons for staying we are all in agreement about one thing: We love Jesus and do not want to leave The Episcopal Church without a faithful witness to the Savior of the world. We believe that, like the prophets sent to Israel and Judea, we have an obligation to exhort The Episcopal Church, where necessary, to return to its first love. That is what a prophetic witness always does: calls God's people back. Prophets are not always successful in this, but they are not called to be successful, they are called to be faithful.
This paper will explore some of the practical implications of the realignment vote passing.

1. Is The Episcopal Church Apostate? 

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