Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gay Bashing a Turn-Off for Church Shoppers?

Gay Bashing by Churches Is Why a New Pew Poll Shows America Losing Its Religion
by Wayne Besson, Founder, "Truth Wins Out---from Huffington Post

A new poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reveals that a record number of Americans (19.3 percent) have abandoned faith and now consider themselves unaffiliated with any particular religion. According to USA Today:
This group, called "Nones," is now the nation's second-largest category only to Catholics, and outnumbers the top Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptists. The shift is a significant cultural, religious and even political change.


Today ... the Nones have leapt from 15.3% of U.S. adults in 2007, according to Pew studies.

One in three (32%) are under age 30 and unlikely to age into claiming a religion, says Pew Forum senior researcher Greg Smith. The new study points out that today's Millennials are more unaffiliated than any young generation ever has been when they were younger.


  1. I think bashing ANY group is a turn off. These stats don't surprise me. Historically so many groups have had their day to be the ones bashed and it's hard NOT to notice that many who belong to those very groups who were the judged and bashed yesterday are making the judgments today. Who will be next? Does it even matter? When will we truly reflect Christ? When we do, we'll see with His eyes . . .

  2. Salvation is for everyone with the exception of.... wait that's not at all what jesus said. LOVE! That's what we are told to do. That's it there are no exception and we should not judge any human for any action because its not our place.