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Welcome to actstwosix, the blogsite of Chris Huff

Thanks for stopping by. There is a little bit of everything here. The feature of this site is my 10-part series,  entitled "Why I Stayed", which lays out the reasons why I chose to stay in the Episcopal Church (TEC), while many of my  colleagues chose to follow Mark Lawrence and go it alone. These can be found under the category on the side bar entitled "Chris' Reflections". I invite comment and conversation. An easier way to find all ten parts is to click on "Why I Stayed" (In the Episcopal Church label near the top of the right hand column on the main page.

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Categories are "Chris' Reflections", "News and Commentary", "Devotions", "Guest Authors",  "Christ and Culture", "Rants" and "Why I Stayed". Good stuff in each. "News and Commentary" has interesting news concerning the church at large and the world, and does not necessarily reflect my views. 

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The pages in the site are "How to Use This Blog", "About Chris Huff" (more expanded info about me than show up on my blogspot profile), "Culture Wars" and "Home". "Home" lists posts chronologically by most recent, regardless of category. "Culture Wars" contains an important piece on how the church should be approaching and engaging culture and society, perhaps where we, the church, make our most serious blunders. 

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The links list is not large, because Episcopal Cafe, alone, contains within it a host of links to blogs and websites and newsfeeds so great that one can literally get lost there!


Suggestions are welcome, including your ideas on how I can improve this site, corrections of content or grammar, etc. Please make those suggestions as a comment on this page.

What I Hope to Accomplish

My desire is that you become informed, experience God's love, listen to reason from me, a priest of 25 years, exclusively lived out in this diocese (South Carolina). I want everyone to engage in conversation with as little judgment as possible, regardless of theological and ecclesiological  stance. It is safe to comment here, I promise. I can't promise that you won't encounter high emotion from time to time in people's comments, but I promise to moderate for optimal dignity and respect, as Jesus would have us treat one another in love.


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    1. Ron Caldwell's content above was accidentally removed, and the administrator doesn't know how to get it back. So it is being replaeced here. For a like-minded blog with good historical perspective on the SC Schism, please see

  2. Fr. Chris!
    Glad I clicked on the link from FB! I've begun reading your blog, starting w/"Why I Stayed, Part I." Got through Part II and all of sudden there are no more "parts" until Part VII. What happened to Parts III - VI? Were they deleted? I'm finding this all very, very interesting and enlightening and, sometimes, WAY above my head!!
    Miss you much and wish I were nearer in order that we could talk.