Friday, June 21, 2013

Make it a "Red Letter" Day

Every day we have a decision to make: Am I going to TALK mostly about being a Christian today? Or will I instead focus my energy on LIVING like Jesus did? Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis started a movement called "Red Letter Christians", with a non-denominational emphasis (but an evangelical context) on living a life based on the red letters of Jesus, rather than hot-button, agenda issues such as abortion and sexuality (important, but divisive). The idea is not to forget about Christian doctrine, but to concentrate more on living like Jesus--sacrificially, compassionately, peacefully--getting involved in projects to help the poor, right social injustices, help troubled youth. You know, getting our hands "dirty" with real God-work in the world like Jesus. This is important because, when you get off your doctrinal agenda, be it right or left, and work together on being Jesus to the world, that is where, not surprisingly, you find unity with lots of people who aren't like you at all.

So get off your agenda today, and be an "old school liberal", won't you? Let's be like Jesus and make it a
"Red Letter Day"!

Lord Jesus. Bring someone across our path today for whom we can be you. Make our hearts open and looking for someone to serve in your name. And when you bring us your surprise from humanity today, help us not to do anything but love them like you did. In fact, help us to get out of the way so that you can love them through us. Please? Thank you. OK. We're ready. Amen.


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  1. hmmm... your post is very "biblical."

    Imagine if our focus was on "doing" the Jesus journey rather than "worshipping" the Jesus journey.