Friday, June 21, 2013

Make It a Red Letter Day: UPDATE!

Lord Jesus. Bring someone across our path today for whom we can be you. Make our hearts open and looking for someone to serve in your name. And when you bring us your surprise from humanity today, help us not to do anything but love them like you did. In fact, help us to get out of the way so that you can love them through us. Please? Thank you. OK. We're ready. Amen.

That was the prayer with which I ended my post this morning in "Make It a Red Letter Day"

OK. So how has it gone for you? I tell people all the time that God LOVES to answer prayers like this. Whom has He brought across your path today? He brought me somebody late this morning. It was so obvious, that even I, my "dense" self, had no trouble recognizing Him in this guy. Cast out, homeless, destitute, fair number of tattoos. Needy, down on himself. We spent an hour and half together. He needed love. He needed acceptance. And you know what? He didn't care whether or not my theology was "right". He didn't care if I had a godly, biblically correct view of the scriptures. He didn't quiz me about my view of the Virgin Birth. He didn't ask if I kept a healthy balance of Word AND Sacrament in my delivery of the Good News. And he certainly did not care what type of Christian I am, or which side of the Anglican "fence" I'm on. He didn't really care to know about anything other than whether or not God could love him. One of his tattoos said, "Lost Cause", because that's what his step-father always said he was. He was living into the crap someone dumped had on him. We laughed, we talked, we cried. He went out of here believing that he can make it a little further. 

So, after he left, someone came in to give me Fr. Gregory Boyle's book, "Tattoos on the Heart: the Power of Boundless Compassion" to read. "Good one, God," I thought. The person said, "This book will crack you wide open." Boundless joy. He already has. Let me know, if you prayed this prayer, what He did for YOU.



  1. I had on opportunity. I didn't catch on as quickly as you did, though. Someone hurt me very much when she said something completely without provocation. It was quite hateful. I DID feel the pain and hurt but I did not react in anyway to her even when she continued on with a litany of imaginary "you always . . . " and "you never . . . " statements. Can't say it doesn't still hurt some as it happens often but I have forgiven her. Once again, the storm passed and the sun is shining . . . Did He not say "forgive them, they know not . . . "

  2. very cool, chris.

    BTW, I downloaded the book last night. Good read.

    there is something "spirit-filled" about going to the edges of the city and inviting folks... everyone we encounter... to the kingdom party, better yet discovering the kingdom party in our midst.