Monday, September 29, 2014

Re-Arranging My "Why I Stayed" Series for Easier Reading

People have been asking how to find all ten parts of my series entitled "Why I Stayed" (In the Episcopal Church). As the blog has grown, some of the older bits have become buried. So now, for your convenience, I have labeled them all under one label. If you will look at "My Categories" near the top of the right hand column, you will see "Why I Stayed". Click on that, and all ten  (plus an introduction) will appear in sequence.

Also, if you're interested in perusing, there are lots of good articles in addition to my own writing. If you're feeling adventurous, while in a category, when you get to the bottom and can't scroll any further, be sure to click on "see older posts". A new page of posts will appear.

I hope this helps. And thanks for reading.

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