Monday, November 18, 2013

From the Cove

Photo: Perfection. Thanks be to God for His glorious creation...

This is a meditation by Kim Huff from her collection entitled "Lost in the Pages"...

We just got back from a get-away on Chris and Lyn’s boat. We took off a few days and rode out to Sandy Point at the back of Kiawah Island. I could write a million things about our 3-day venture, but this morning as I was thinking about it, what really stood out is where we were.
It was a cove, a little creek off of the Stono Inlet. We had taken a leisurely trip out to the point where the boat could snug right up to the beach due the big drop-off at low tide. We stopped to survey where we were, let the dogs out and plan what we wanted to do next. It was windy and overcast with rain in the future, so after the dogs ran for a bit, we left to find a place to anchor for the night. As we came up around the point, we happened by this little creek. With just a little turn to the left, we found ourselves out of the choppy water and all at once the wind stopped. It was still, so still. The chill in the air seemed to disappear under a warm blanket as we were protected from the wind by marsh and dunes all around us. This is where we stayed. We had to gauge the tides just right, because the sailboat could only enter or leave this little haven with a few hours of tide. And when the tide was high, there would be no beach to walk on. Once we were there, we would have to stay put till the tide turned again. So we entered with a rising tide and some beach left to explore, built a fire at sunset, and then it was back to the boat to rest, to sleep as the tide rose and covered nearly everything except the beautiful marsh. We slept soundly and warmly in the little cabin, with only the sound of the wind blowing through the shrouds on the bow. The next morning, we rose at dawn to discover the point covered with pelicans, cormorants and white herons. Dolphin were swimming right past the boat and it was overwhelming, really, at how pristine this scene was. I took so many pictures, one right after the other. Yesterday, I awoke just as the sun was rising, and I quietly opened the hatch so as not to interrupt nature in all of its beauty. I got busy with my camera. I tried to follow the pattern of a dolphin as he rose above the water, then dove down again. A pelican flew over. I missed it. I tried again and missed a heron that flew right in front of me while I was focused on the pelican.  I tried to capture every picture I could and then, it was time to stop. Sometimes, I thought, it is just time to drink it all in. So I did.  I was in a cove, out of the noise. It was still and peaceful but I was becoming too busy. Sometimes, it is important just to stop.

When we got home, I thought more about the time we had out there. I thought about Jesus, being available to the crowds, answering every question people had, teaching, leading, but He went to a garden to pray, he got on a boat and left the crowds to be still. David spoke of peaceful, still waters. He must have been in a creek like ours. It is amazing what you can hear in a cove, in the absence of the noise of the wind and waves and boats which cover the silence. Surrounded by the protecting marsh, I enjoyed being wrapped in silence to do nothing more than just listen. I’ve been listening lately to a meditative CD…one of the songs repeats over and over, “Let me hear, let me hear what you will speak to me, when I turn to you in my heart.” I am still listening.
--Kim Huff  11-18-13

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