Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things Are Heating Up On Dorchester Rd.

Around here at St. George's, we knew that things were ramping up to another level. We knew it because the summer was anything but quiet. Fall was around the corner, with big things happening, and I, for one, was bracing for it (there was just this feeling). The clergy around here know how to "work smart"; that is, we try to maximize our travel-time, our counseling schedules, our sharing of ministry, etc. There are two full-time clergy here at St. George's. We have 3 retired Episcopal clergy who attend and help out. One of those is a past rector of St. George's. We also have a Lutheran Deaconess who is studying for her doctorate, and a Methodist minister in attendance, who works as a hospice chaplain. This place is literally crawling with clergy. And yet we are full-on pedal to the metal. With a burgeoning, energetic laity, and even before our new intensive lay-led small group ministry officially begins next month, the pace has quickened. A new Sunday School program was designed by some talented and faithful people and just kicked off last Sunday. We have four services here every Sunday. As they like to say in the construction business, "We're all covered up!"  We are literally out of room. We need to expand our buildings. We don't do busy just for the sake of being busy. Been there, done that. We are Jesus-loving, evangelistic contemplatives (figure that one out). Exhilerating stuff. Life is everywhere. And death. And resurrection. And births....babies everywhere!
Thanks be to God!
 All this is to say....You may have noticed a dearth, of late, in blog postings here on axtwosix. I'm fine. Just really, really busy! I am working on a new series concerning Biblical Interpretation and Authority. I'll tell you what: You go look up the word "philology", and I'll try to get the first installment up in the next few days. I have a funeral this Saturday, while Fr. Rick and others from St. George's serve at a Kairos prison weekend, so it might not be until next week. But it's coming. Meanwhile,
Chris +


  1. philology sounds SO COOL to me! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Love it! (yup, I know what it means) Looked it up just to verify!

  2. Well, I'll try this again.
    Hmmm, "Classical scholarship." Could be good! Looking forward to it!
    Am also looking forward to your promised treatise on the Muslim service at the National Cathedral. . . .
    Miss y'all!!!