Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Words from the Archbishop of Canterbury: " Love the Society in Which We Live, and to Bless it in Every Way That We Possibly Can."

Found at Three Rivers Episcopal

"The Church had a tendency to "come across too easily as negative", he said. "We deal in a secular world where it is assumed the Church has an agenda when we start offering our help to Government. We need to show that we do have an agenda: it's to love the society in which we live, and to bless it in every way that we possibly can. . ."  Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
(exerpted from the article below)

Welby: Church needs to avoid drifting to divorce

Ed Thornton
by Ed Thornton for the Church Times, UK
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 @ 12:06
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"Agenda": Archbishop Welby speaks at the EA launch
THE Archbishop of Canterbury said on Wednesday that the Church must not become like a marriage in which a couple have drifted apart and are content with their independent lives.
Speaking at the opening of the Evangelical Alliance's (EA) new headquarters in King's Cross, London, Archbishop Welby said: "It is too easy for the Church to be comfortable in separation, like a bad marriage where the couple has drifted apart, but not to the point where they'll divorce. They just sort of somehow live separate lives in the same house; they don't talk much except what's necessary to keep things running along. And they may not even notice that the separation is growing and deepening, but they live with it. And the Church can fall into that trap - in fact, over many years, has fallen into that trap."
Thanks to 3Rivers Episcopalian for bringing this to my attention.

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