Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What might the world look like if Christ had not been born?

Can A Christian Watch 'Game Of Thrones?'

by David Gibson
Religion News Service
(RNS) Is there anything morally redeeming about “Game of Thrones”? Does the hit HBO series even have a moral vision?
The show is certainly entertaining, almost addictively so, and as “Games of Thrones” wraps up its third season on Sunday (June 9), the ratings reflect that popularity: a record of more than 5.5 million viewers have followed the ruthless struggles for power among the teeming clans of Westeros, the medieval-looking world created by fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin.
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Interesting read, because the article suggests the world depicted in the series is what the world would look like if Christ had never been born....

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