Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Litany

Blessed are you, Lord God, our creator and Father. Have mercy on us and listen as we pray: Lord, show us your love.

Give the world peace, Lord;
still the clamor for war and the cries for vengeance. Lord, show us your love.

Let your church strongly proclaim your word of salvation. Lord....

Bless your people, Lord, and free us from false cares. Lord....

Let us wonder at the glory of your creative love and answer the call of this day. Lord...

Have mercy on all who have died in your name. May they share in the peace of your kingdom, forever and ever. Amen.

Lord God, you have created us in your own image, to find freedom in a love that knows no bounds. Lead us further today along this path of freedom to which you call us, through Jesus, your beloved Son, our Lord.

May the Lord bless us,
keep away all evil,
and lead us to eternal life. Amen.

                              --From Monday Lauds in the Benedictine Breviary

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