Sunday, June 23, 2013

Devotional Tidbits: None (Ninth Hour--3PM) Prayer

Hymn                               Rerum, Deus, tenax vigor
                                                 --Ambrose (4th Century)

O  God, you hold all things in space,
Each star and planet in its place,
The days and years are your design,
Each change of season you define.

As we life's eventide draw near,
Give us your light, remove our fear,
With happy death may we be blest,
And find in you eternal rest.

To God the Father and the Son,
To Holy Spirit, three in one,
May praise and honor, glory be
To you,  eternal  Trinity. Amen.

None Prayer:

Lord Jesus, at this hour when you died on the Cross,
and made of death a pathway to true life, we bless you for
the victory of your love; and we ask you to light up our paths,
for you live for ever and ever. Amen.

---from the Benedictine Breviary

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