Thursday, June 13, 2013

Devotional Tidbits: From the Benediictine Breviary

Hymn                                                                      Lux ecce surgit aurea
                                                                                     --Prudentius (348-413)

Behold the golden Light appears,
Making night's blindness fade away.
Too long has it led us astray
And drawn us toward the dark abyss.

May this new be calmly passed,
May we keep pure while it shall last,
Not let our lips from truth depart
Nor evil plans engage the heart.

Above us is His loving eye,
The faithful guardian all our life,
Witness of all our daily deeds
From break of day til evening star.

Praised be the Father and the Son,
and Holy Spirit equally,
The Triune Godhead Three in One,
Now and for all eternity.

         --From Thursday Lauds in the Benedictine Breviary

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  1. "Above us is His loving eye" That's a simple and life giving message. Surely there is nothing more assuring than to look into the eyes of one who loves us and He is the very definition . . . and epitome of love . . .