Thursday, June 27, 2013

Devotional Tidbits: From the Benedictine Breviary

Concluding prayer from Thursday Lauds

Lord our Father, each morning you welcome us as we are;
give us a heart that is pure and free, to receive your Word,
and discover in our brothers and sisters the message of
life that you bring us, through Jesus, the Christ, our Lord.

Chris' take:
In His mercy, God does not require anything of me but me as I am,
before He will welcome me in His embrace. No need to try to deceive anybody,
or to try to justify myself. Myself, as I am, is enough for God. He will do
whatever else needs doing in my soul today. He will bring me Himself in the
Spirit, and in all who come across my path today. I am free to love all as He
loves: without condition, qualifier or exception. Because Jesus makes me pure,
purity is off the table. Now let's go be free and love all freely.You've been
given a billion dollars worth of grace today. Go have fun handing it out,
without fear of running out, to everyone you meet.

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