Saturday, June 15, 2013

Devotional Tidbits: From the Benedictine Breviary

Hymn                                                                       Aurora jam spargit polum
                                                                                         --Ambrose (350-397)

The dawn now spreads its rosy hue,
Daylight descends upon the earth;
Morn's shining rays their course begin;
Farewell to darkness and to sin.

May phantoms of the night be gone,
All trace of guilt be cleansed away;
Whatever weighs upon our heart,
Let it with darkness now depart.

Then when that final morning comes,
Humbly and hopefully  we ask;
To see,  illumined by new sight,
What we now sing by early light.

Praised be the Father and the Son,
And Holy Spirit equally,
The Triune Godhead Three in One,
Now and for all eternity. Amen.

From Saturday  Lauds in the Benedictine Breviary

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