Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Devotional Tidbits: From the Benedictine Breviary

                                                                 Nox et tenebrae
                                                                       --Prudentius, from the Cathemerinon

Darkness of night and evil things,
Confusions of the world, give way,
Light enters and the day is here;
Disperse, for Christ the Lord has come.

Shadows of night depart in haste,
Pierced by the sun's compelling ray,
The world appears in colored hue,
Bright in the glory of the day.

We only know you, Christ alone;
Sincerely and insistently,
O Light from heaven, Morning Star,
Serenely shine on us today.

Praised be the Father and the Son.
And Holy Spirit equally, The Triune Godhead Three in One,
Now and for all eternity. Amen.

              From Wednesday Lauds, Benedictine Breviary

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