Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Much Can the Christian Church Embrace?

John Backman

Within the space of a few hours, my friend revealed to me that he sleeps with multiple partners and uses drugs. For a recovering fundamentalist like me, this was a lot to swallow.
As he elaborated, though, my initial knee-jerk discomfort gave way to ambivalence. He lives in a deeply committed, long-term relationship, and his life partner approves of the arrangement. He takes pains to use drugs in moderation, in safe environments, partly as a window to alternative states of consciousness. He is not, according to the standard of the day, hurting anyone.
I wondered if I was looking at a different way of being Christian -- not in my friend, who practices another faith tradition entirely, but in my own reaction.
Time after time, I find myself challenged by the same question: How big is your embrace?
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